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moving through the bay area and california. how it could end up costing you in the long run. >> i'm sandhya temperatures will be dropping below freezing for a second night in a row. i'll have the warnings coming up. >> also hear. sudden surge of activity at bay area flu clini clinic. is the outbreak that has been hitting so many parts of the country so hard finally moving into california? >> plus the new warning as thieves get even mr. violent. trying to skip their hands on trying to skip their hands on your smart phone. .
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>> well here we go once again. people all bundled up as cold
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snap hits the bay area. live look outside right now. another chilly one. but could it get even colder this weekend. so be prepared. good evening i'm dan. let's again with 7 news on lookhat we are expecting tonight. >> in weird cold dan as we check out live doppler 7 hd receipt now you will see that some of you may cominging some drops. light rain moved through fairfield, vacaville and now headed south. just snuck up on us from the north. this moisture coming in from the north as you can see in the east bay right now. dublin very lit showers across 5 80 heading towards the livermore valley please app ton light returns. south of there and east of the san jose area around mount hamilton pitching showing up indication of mix of rain and snow. this will be very short lived but what we are going to have to deal with are the freeze warnings. 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. north bay east bay interior valley santa clara valley for saturday morning mid 20's to low 30's. freeze damage certainly
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possible to crop sensitive veg takes. light purple showing the bayshore line with the frost advisory low to mid 30's there. back with the specific low temperature and if you think it's going to be cold tomorrow morning just wait until you see what is coming the following 2 mornings. full weekend forecast in a few minutes. >> oh, brother okay thanks very much. >> cold weather could mean big problems for the state citrus crops. video from fresno county where farmers cover the plants with pwlaevrngt and running wind machine to prevent crop damage to keep the air moving f.we drop below 30 degrees for extended period over the next few days some farmers could suffer major losses so they are very concerned. >> here in the bay area our temperatures are also dropping which means people are coping as best they can. 7 news as the story. you believe everything you read welcome to the frozen city by the bay. so you think it was cold today? san francisco? >> i have warmer pockets these are heat warmer for my pockets.
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>> only 50. >> i know but i'm freezing. i have got 5 laers at least. >>reporter: 5 layers with not a drop of snow on the ground. just a whips of steam escaping from the downtown manhole. weñç are trying hardship with packer fans arriving en masse for play off game tomorrow. aren't you worried about the cold. >> worried about the cold? we are playing the frozen tundra. >>reporter: do you still think it's cold. consider alternative. you could have been a crab today. >> certainly not cold for the crabs. no. not at all. >>reporter: look at us. kept our hands fingers in our pocket assuming we had pockets. we hugged ourselves on street corners. only in the most december president circumstances did we linger in the elements. >> the lure is the company. >>reporter: why would you make this man eat outside. >> there wasn't enough seating inside. >>reporter: yet on day so cold so frenl id so full of hardship it took just 2 minutes for to us find a source of inspiration
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inside a acquatic park. dolphins club in 50 degree water. >> what is he doing out there. >> swimming. ago. any particular reason charity or. >> no. character. and more. why would somebody want to do what did you. >> hormones. hormones. keep the hormone balanced. >> that's a good a reason as any. clearly on this day cold was state of mind. general reminder that they do call it winter. for a reason. >> not that cold here. it's not cold here. >>reporter: for the record at the dolphins club they describe 50 degrees as being the borderline. anything below 50 they say is cold. how do they know? they say to get out of the water and you can't talk that's cold. from vista point, abc 7 news. >> yes that is cold. now if hitting the road for the weekend better take the chains with you. right now chains are required on both interstate 80 and highway 50. video from our
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cal-trans camera along 80 shows the conditions you will encounter heading to take oh, this weekend. open all vehicle except 4 wheel drive with snow tire on all 4 wheels keep that in mind. you can get current temperatures at abc 7 news and new street level interactive map or get the temperature right there in your neighborhood any time you we shall. >> well bizarre entrance in court today for accused killer. his attorney was stunned to say the very least by what he started shouting when he walked in court or wheeled that court i should say. today was the first court persons for dennis charged with killing his elderly mother. of laura witnessed the out burst in court today and has a story you will see only on abc 7 news. >> did say i plead guilty to everything. i admit everythin everything. this is the third one. >>reporter: solana county prosecutor jensen describes what observers heard in court. sobbing double murderer dennis stan worth sitting in a
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wheelchair admit to go killing his 90-year-old mother nelli. >> i can tell you she was found at the defendant house. as far as the circumstances or manner of death the autopsy was just performed this morning so cov those reports yet. >>reporter: stan worth was not formally entering a plea but statement can be used against him at trial. 70-year-old stan worth was arrested wednesday after he called vallejo police and told them he had killed his mother. when detectives arrived at his home in hidden brook they found nelli remains. according to the criminal complaint prosecutors think dennis killed his mother as early as november 6 of last year. her body was found outside on the property stan worth shares with his wife an elderly father inlaw. his wife was in court in fairfield but at the klind comment to abc 7 news. >> i'm just devastated this all happened. >>reporter: establish worth arrest and fact that he has been living in the bay area free man for 22 years has been especially difficult for the
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family of 2 teenager girls he was sent to death row for sexually assaulting an killing in 1966 this woman doesn't want her name used because she's afraid of stan worth. but she was raised as a sister to one of the young victims. kerry. are you confident they will keep him in this time notch i'm not. no i'm scared to death. they are going to, he will fall through the crack and he will be best behavior and it's going to happen again. i have no cold front weapons at all. >>reporter: the current charge against dennis stan worth carries witness the special circumstances that he killed before. that could qualify him for the death penalty. sentence he escaped 40 years ago. in fairfield, abc 7 news. pittsburgh police worked around the clock but they could in the give prosecutors enough evidence to charge 4 people after a man died in a staged robbery. sharmaine, parker and charles parker left jail this evening. prosecutors missed 72 hour deadline to charge them.
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another suspect jimmy this man remains in jail on parole violation now the 3 people release cod still be rearrested. pittsburgh police believe they plot add home invasion robbery to drive estranged husband from their apartment. the husband stabbed intruder to death in self-defense on tuesday. >> mystery in the north bay tonight. sheriff's investigators want to know how a man's body ended up at recycling facility in petaluma. these image of deputy looking for clue at novato disposal services on petaluma boulevard south this afternoon. worker december covered a body inside a shed where material get sorted. what we do know is that the victim did not work at the facility and an autopsy will determine exactly what happened whether he died there or perhaps was killed and brought to that location. they just don't know even if foul play was involved we'll know more with the autopsy. >> series of violent attack on women in san francisco is prompting new warnings about
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using your cell phone in public. really is become ago growing problem in something we should all pay attention to. last year half of all robbery involved stealing electronic did he advice. thomas has the story tonight from san francisco. >>reporter: this woman bugsing along polk street texting not looking up. inattention like this that san francisco police say make people vulnerable to snatch and grab thieves which is what happened to her co-worker. >> some guy came through the neighborhood walking real fast and just swiped it right out of her hand. >>reporter: she doesn't weren't to be identified said she and the co-worker posted this letter on the shop window. it warns women that cell phone thieves have been active in the area. one theft occurred outside kelly's home near polk and green. >> we heard the girl screaming and called the police and it was pretty scary. >>reporter: those 2 instance os occurred within days of another woman being badly beaten on jones california street for her smart phone. tuesday another woman was attacked for her phone and purse here at the bus stop on
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haight. thief used a stun gichbility he did approach the victim. stunned her in the face. demanding her phone during struggle the phone fell to the ground and he stunned her once again if the chest. >>reporter: san francisco police officer says they have a description of that man and police are looking for him. all these thefts happened during day late hours. bus stop theft occurred at 125 in the afternoon. many such robbery happen on muni this video show mans sitting behind a woman whose face is blurred out as vehicle stops he grabs her phone and takes off. another theft caught on muni camera show this is man standing by the doors who grabs a woman phone as the doors open. many women are now taking precautions. >> i don't use my phone at night when out by myself. >> sometimes i'm on the bus if i don't take my cell phone out because it's risk. >>reporter: san francisco police say half of all robbery last year involved electronic did he advice and many robbery
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can be prevented if people pay attention to the surroundings. in san francisco, thomas, abc 7 news. >> public memorial will be held tomorrow for the petaluma teen who disappeared after new year's eve music festival in south lake tahoe. miss burns body was found by utility worker last friday in snow bank near the snow globe music festival she attended. the el dorado county sheaves department says no signs of foul play but still witnessing for the results of autopsy she apparently walked in the wrong direction that's what they think heading back to her hotel. public memorial is scheduled for 10 tomorrow morning at casa grande high school in petaluma. family asking those to attend to wear pink. that's her favorite color. still to come tonight on 7 news at 9:00. fighting the flu. outbreak is spreading. how you can protect yourself. >> plus faa launches review of the boeing 787 dream liner. san jose international celebrates aircraft arrival in the bay year. why hopes are so
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high that the plane will be such a big success. e to face back founder zuckerberg and how much that will cost you. that will cost you. stay with us. 7 news at
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is. >> the center for disease control said today that a nationwide flu outbreak is spreading. now concentrate entered fewer states. this map indicates california in green has not been hit yet really. but the outbreak is growing worse in the state highlighted in red. heather tonight explains what is being done to prevent a major outbreak here. >>reporter: these flu vaccine doses are among the last available at northern california kaiser facilities. >> we are running low. in some facilities there are certain types of flu vaccine that we have no longer available. >>reporter: the state believes there's still enough available elsewhere through pharmacy and doctor offices but northern california kaiser patients have used most of the 1.35 million doses purchased by the hospita hospital. >> although we are looking desperately to try to find vaccine that is still available on the market, most of the flu vaccine will be purchased in
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this country. >>reporter: in california this flu season there have been 4 deaths so far. 2 of them in sacramento. young man. elderly patient. 20 children have died from flu nationwide and though there noise running tally of adult death cdc estimates there are about 24,000 deaths a year. this cdc map shows how the flu outbreak severe in the eastern red states while california in green has relatively few cases. the tom has never in his life had a flu shot until today. doctor express urge ebts care in fremont he decided to do it after hearing the reports about what is happening back east. and watching his 23-year-old son suffer with the virus. >> my son just got really sick. sunday night. dad i'm deathly ill. hit for three days you know what time for me to start getting vaccinated so my first time. >>reporter: doctor think it's a matter of time before the number of cases shoots
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newspaper california. doctors express dr. steve has prevention tip to go along with frequent hand washing. he says there's evidence 50 milligram of sichbing of zinc a day can help. >> i can tell you i'm taking it. >>reporter: kaiser doctor says it's too late in the flu season to have any more vaccine made and have it make any kind of a difference n.walnut creek, abc 7 news. right now if the family needs to get flu shots we have a list of resources available at our web site including the shoe the flu program where children can get flu shots for free. so check us out on our web said for that information. >> all right spencer is off. sandhya is here. another cold night and now on radar spotting rain. >> this weather is getting interesting by the minute here in the bay area. let me show you live pick right now we are watching rain. watching lightening and snow believe it or not. batch of moisture came in from the north show it to you in a mole. guess what. coyote tower all lit up in red.
9:19 pm
forty-niner fever here in san francisco as you you can see. beautiful have you there. while many are seeing clear skies there are some areas that are actually picking up the moisture. let's check out live doppler 7 hd writ now and show you what it looks like as we are track ago batch of moisture it's in the east bay and parts of the south bay. here's what happened. we saw light showers developing 6:45 fairfield travis air force base area, rio vista, vacaville and headed south so it developed way to the north of us and then just dropped down right now we are seeing some light rape fall even some moderate rainfall in the east bay as you can see livermore reported very lit rain few hundredths of an inch but take you down to street level east of the fremont area around moderate rainfall at this hour here. there has been some reports of hail around apartment i don't care according to the national weather service spotters. snow falling around mount hamilton so cold enough to support the snow. speaking of cold look at
9:20 pm
the temperatures already down to 35 in fairfield right now. 37 degrees in novato. 39 santa rosa. string of cold nights ahead. look for sunny cool weekend dry milder weather next week. here's satellite radar. you will notice the cold pocket of air is just right over us. came in from the gulf of alask alaska. next system diving south but batch of moisture with this the cloud cover that is doesn't lack like it makes it now. latest computer model weren't to keep the area mostly clear overnight tonight and if this is the case then temperatures go down tonight. freezing warnings forth inland cell and frost advisory for the san francisco bayshore line for tomorrow morning 2 to 8:00 a.m. . cold again tomorrow night. as a matter of fact sunday morning could be even colder. may see some low to mid 20's by subpoenaed morning with clear skies but tomorrow morning 28 life more fairfield 33 antioch. 30 degrees vallejo, concord below freezing napa, santa ros
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rosa, 32 in palal, this is the tonight where you weren't to bundle up and if going to head out the door early tomorrow morning, coats jackets glove you need it all. tomorrow an upper 40's to low 50's so keeping it cool but mostly sunny for your saturday and around the monterey bay looking at temperatures in the low 50' 50's. it's a big game tomorrow night if going to the niners game. take on the green bay packers. it's going to be col cold. so candlestick park 5:00 p.m. 48 degrees. dropping to the mid 40's by 8:00 p.m. bound el up. need a jacket or sweat shirt. cold the next 3 mornings. see frost. and then after that we'll get out of the cold. bring you milder weather. temperatures by afternoon next week dan upper 50's to low 60's. now this is one of those rare times when the bay area forecast coincides with what people in other parts of the country are experiencin experiencing. >> that's right. >> during the winter. micro climate make this a few place
9:22 pm
in the world with vastly different types of weather at once. this is one of the phenomenon weather team and i are exploring and explain this weekend. during the special inbay area weather it air this is sunday evening at 6:30 here on 7 news. also talking about climate change. bay area micro climate stuff people care about here. >> makes it fascinating. great when you explain really what is going on and why. >> absolutely. nearly 20 years i have been doing weather a lot have changed. >> okay thanks very much look forward to the program. she's one of the most recognized women in the world but tonight new controversy surrounding painting of the duchess of came bridge. >> and warning for anyone running java. new concerns fit look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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>> if running jv a on the computer security experts say disable the software because a problem just detected that allow hackers to attack some computers. a patch next week will be issued with new security vulnerability fixes. >> facebook has a charge that will awill you to you send a facebook message directly in founder suj zuckerberg inbox without paying the message would land in his other folder which is typically reserved for spam he will never see that. menlo park company already testing a one dollar messaging charge to guarantee the delivery of notes to non-friends e.first official portrait of the duchess of cambridge unfailed today in london to mixed review. britain prince william and catherine were on hand at london national portrait gallery today to get a look at the piece. artist paul
9:27 pm
spent several months painting it saying he tried to portray her warmth and personality. duchess described the painting as amazing but royal watchers and public have been far less diplomatic. what do you think? they have called it catastrophic. lifeless. dull. and old. big changes for britney spears. singer has split with her fiance jason and today resigned as he resign as co-conservetor over her personal affairs. giant statement spears says the break one former agent was a difficult decision but the 2 remain friends. the they have been dating since 2009. all right moving on. still to come tonight on 7 news at 9:00 planning america exit from afghanistan. time line announce dad in washington. >> video games and violence. bay area game maker meet with the vice president to talk about gun safety. and the troubled 787 dream laneer comes to the bay area
9:28 pm
where one local airport is counting on it. to become a big part of an international there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dual-air technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. queen mattresses start at just $699. and now, save 50% on the closeout of our silver limited edition bed. ends sunday.
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>> president obama says the u.s. role in afghanistan will shift to a support role this spring as he continues to draw down u.s. troops. mr. obama spoke alongside after began president karzai at the white house today. karen has the latest. >> after more than 11 years war in afghanistan is america longest war. and today president obama afghan president karzai announce accelerated time line for afghan forces to take the lead on security. >> starting this spring our troops will have a different
9:32 pm
mission. training. advising. assisting afghan forces. >> american forces will be no longer present in afghan village. >>reporter: by the end of 2014 afghan forces will be expected to take full responsibility for their nation security. what happens after that is still up in the air. 66,000 u.s. traps remain in afghanistan and president obama said today they will fight alongside afghan forces as needed. but the administration has made it mostly clear it wants to get out at quickly as possible. today mr. 0many obama said 2 key goal at the end of 2014 is training and assisting afghan forces an targeted counter terrorism missions against al qaeda. u.s. afghan officials ongoing discussion about how to coordinate on that. while maintaining afghan authority. >> it's our hope that we can reach an agreement this year. >>reporter: but there are sticking points including president obama insistence on
9:33 pm
immunity deal which says that u.s. troops are not subject to afghan law. karen, abc news, washington. >> vice president biden today met with group from the video game industry wrapping up we can of conference about gun advise and safety. among the company represented today electronic arts from redwood city. many of its games have been criticized for glamorizing gun violence. mr. biden khented the newtown tragedy is a water shed home in history. >> never quite seep anything that has shocked the consciousness of the american people like 6 and 7-year-old kids relationed with bullet in a classroom in a neighborhood in area that was considered to be immune to this kind of behavior. >> vice president will deliver recommendations on curb drug advise to the president by tuesday. >> today the faa announced it is reviewing the entire boeing
9:34 pm
787 dream liner fleet after series of mechanical problems. it comes on the same day san jose international airport welcomed japan leading air lane for the first time with this inaugural flight. head of the faa said he's cold front deputy the 787 is safe to fly. with we overhead for the perfect landing of the dream laneer today. corrina has the story. >>reporter: cream liner arrival in san jose years in the making. 5 day a we can non-stop flight linking tokyo and silicon valley got a water salute. >> not only a exciting day for the valley but also our enter until partner. >> launch party for this boeing 787 included traditional ribbon cutting and unique and in celebration their questions about the aircraft safety. norm is not only the former sbingt of transportation but
9:35 pm
san jose international airport bears his name. >> the death of these is not one that warrants groungd of the airplane. >>reporter: dream liner has experienced 3 high profile problems just this week including a fire and fuel leak. >> it is not uncommon on new delivery and new aircraft to have to work the little bug out but they are small bug not hug huge. >>reporter: they provided us with this video of the aircraft interior showing off the roomy luxury and big we know 0. passengers are thrilled they no longer have to travel to san francisco for a tokyo flightism this time. >> san francisco already cloudy a lot of people. it's such a hassle. >>reporter: any concern about safety is not dampening the enthusiasim for the 787 inaugural flight from san jose.
9:36 pm
>> process will del with those problems. i'm confident enough to beard this plane today. >>reporter: ana hopes demand for the non-stop san jose to tokyo connection results in daily service come center. international airport cooep a abc 7 news. >> 7 people injured in the east bay in school bus collision this afternoon in clayton road marsh creek road at 3:30 today. this was the view overhead very quickly after this happen. bus was carrying about 30 students from the middle schoo school. some of the students walked back to the school where picked up by their airports. none of the injuries is considered serious so the kids are fine. major pot bust in san jose. more than 300 plants 45 pounds of processed marijuana were seized from 2 homes on trestle wood drive and crest avenue. raid came after month long
9:37 pm
cultivation investigation. 2 people were arrested. oakland police praising community for anonymous tips that led to the arrest of 2 suspected bank robbers. this is a story only on 7 news. earlier this month police ask for public help identifying a bank robber we showed you this pick. the request came through oakland new text alert system. within hours somebody texted the name of someone who looked like this man and he was arrested soon after. >> hopeful that using a system that provides anonymous message for community members to become engaged and just say enough is enough and report names and instances where firearm violence is involved. that's really the goal here. >> last october oakland police the first agency in the country actual hi to begin using the so-called tip watch system. >> still to come tonight. remembering a bay area treasure. look back at san treasure. look back at san francisco most famous twins"x?1
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>> san francisco legend has passed away. or more accurately half of legendary team. jonathan has more on 75 i don't know brown one of the famous san francisco twins who is sister will now have to carry on without her. >>reporter: in the small family owned knob hill cafe a corner table sits empty. table that 2 nights a week was home to one of san francisco's bi biggest attraction. >> i'm marian. i'm vivian. >>reporter: what is your last name. >> brown. >>reporter: impeccable style identical between with coun countless advertisement not just guest at the cafe. they were the entertainment. people asking for the autograph. >> always. everyone would get up. want to take pictures. the twins would love it ivshtion strolling through union square they were as recognizable as the sir francis
9:42 pm
drake beef ether door mat. >> with the exact same thing smile. wave. >>reporter: those walkened when vivian the elder by 8 miniwas hospitalized with alzheimer's disease. her sister alone for the first time. >> i hope they fend a occur for alzheimer's. >>reporter: marian visited vivian almost daily thanks to an outpouring of donations that allowed her to stay in the city. >> people would e-mail with money to offer help and voluntary to donate. services are costly when you are elderly and you need care. >>reporter: care tears say 75 i don't know finally passed away peacefully in her sleep. brown twins so impeccable in the identicalness people say there isn't a story, conversation even an outfit that involves just one of them. for them a this is impossible. >> could you tell them apart. >> no i couldn't tell them apart. i continue tell them apart no. way to tell them apart. as a matter of fact you wouldn't want to tell them
9:43 pm
apart. >>reporter: former mayor brown himself a logical icon said the twins embody the uniqueness and togetherness that is san francisco. >> their passage means one half of the team is now gone. so a little bit of the city just left us. >>reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. well still to come tonight. automotive technology now developed in silicon valley that help you out of a tight spot. by may enjoy the daily coffee but could you live on a you can't move the tv there.
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>> bankruptcy judge has approved the sale of coffee company actualy to group led by actor patrick democracy. he has claimed victory last week after an auction but company that teamed up with starbucks to bid for the actualy chain filed an objection on wednesda wednesday. well at hearing this afternoon judge said the auction was fair. telly has 47 shops in washington and california with more than 500 employees. >> one woman taking her love of starbucks to the extreme. seattle woman named beautiful existence yes that is her legal name we are told plans to the eat and drink only items from starbucks for the next 12 mont months. she says it's her duty as spoiled american to test her meddle by eating only at starbucks. this isn't the first jump into the challenge department. in the past successful at shopping only at goodwill. seal how she does this time. >> well the self driving car may still be years away but the
9:48 pm
the devilment already yielding short-term advances to make driving safer and easier. some research under way at silicon valley. david tonight has some examples. >> we can all relate to this returning to parking lot we find the car boxed in making it difficult even impossible to open the door. technology can solve the dilemma a.ultra sonic sensor built natural bumper along with driver assistance technology can move the car out of the tight spot. while there is a long range vision to create self driving cars audi work 0on this technology. >> we assist him and present predictable situation we also can allow a little bit on what is happening with the car but he was heene the steering wheel and what in charge of the car. >>reporter: audi is part of the group that runs this lab in silicon valley. more than 100
9:49 pm
engineers designers psychologist work on prototype and using the simulator for feedback from consumer. squeeze ing into tight spot in the garage. cars may some day be able to drive themselves engineers believe drivers need to ease into it and know when to intervene. >> if you suddenly introduce this new technology -- you don't quit know if the person knows thousand take over immediately so make sure there are steps that house the experience and practice to take over when they need to and eventually natural when they need to take over we know the car is. >> research is done in secret but they let us see what it is working on not only excites the public but also may give engineers here in the valley im positive sense to think about their career and working on the future of the automobile n.belmont, david lieu ooh, abc
9:50 pm
7 news fuvrping 80 item in las vegas. this big year use only your brave way. if they are alacksed they wiggle. or how about smavrt glass that is keep the fears hands free smart phone display. it connects to the internet and runs apps. ces wrps up tonight in las vegas. all kinds of cool new began it sky one last check on the weather. lets go to sandy cold and a little rain. >> we show you leif doppler 7 patch moving from the antioch fairfield area moving south ward so moved through livermore and now headed to san jose take you up down street level. south 10 street very lit returns story road and just to the east around mount hamilton pink indication of rain snow mix. cold enough to support it
9:51 pm
and speaking of cold we are going with a freeze warning for the second night 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. saturday north bay east bay interior valley santa clara valley. mid 30's expected freeze damage certainly property bay area ñ in the frost advisory same time period bring in therost says activities plant. upper from is to the low 50's here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. sunday monday morning computer model want to bring the temperatures down. cold inland valley ready for this dan. low to mid 20's. 20, 22, materia materializes that would be brutally cold and may talking about records next week. overnight temperatures and afternoon high. >> we'll see thanks very much sandhya. >> san francisco turning red gold tonight for the 49ers. check out the farey building on the em barrack dear 0light up in on histh team this is live loobingt at green bay packers
9:52 pm
is tomorrow. >> folk came down with a case of 49ers fweevr. bridge total collectors wear 14er cap and through tomorrow. team provided caps shirts to the bridge district but not all the total tears agreed to wear thi this. they are raider fans say thanks but no. >>reporter: red and gold present look at this spiriter. the forty-niner the this caught up with the nighters bass could the sort doe sam. you robert with g ncaa a posting them and may uses show yours on the air. golden gate bridge total tear tears. >> if i'm there. i'm a bay bridge fanny don't weren't to pay the total. >> that's grit more open the
9:53 pm
bay bridge side. >> i'm really a dumbarton guy. sorry. if look at the quarterback in tomorrow game pluses i can't remember. pluses i can't remember. "x?ob1roomie damion you group
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. petaluma batman north bay own contained crew said. he hopes to accomplished dressed as comic book hero. >> how san francisco police are preparing for tomorrow big niner packer play off game. all coming up on 7 news at 1 11:00 over on channel 7. hope you can join us for. that but larry is here with the big game and nice night for the warrior warriors. >> this is a great show tonight warriors game oracle arena. snap 2 game losing streak were yours home against ports land and they have the tremememendous rookie lil lard he grew up in oakland. as warrior fan. he put on a show for family and
9:57 pm
friend tonight. big night for the man picked right after him also. seventh in the draft. barns on this with curry. it was points. 12 assist. barns in traffic with authority. warriors up 15. cruising but suddenly lil lard hot. catches fire. lack how deep he is. 10 straight shots he hit at one point. career best 37 for damion lil lard. no conscious just keeps shooting. kid was just on fire. final minute down to 4 point game. penetrates and feed karl and the warriors hold off portland 103-to 97 despite the exploits of damion lil lard. switching allegiance tomorrow 49ers packers game all about when it comes to the starting quarterback. rompers argue newspaper chick o. niners fan. loved joe mop tan a and jerry rice. collin born in milwaukee. packers fan but
9:58 pm
brett farve extended family lives in wisconsin 13 miles from green bay. now normally they would be rooting for the packers at every game but not tomorrow. >> we are pretty excited came up on us fast. we knew we had a good shot at starting some time on the road. we knew he was talented enough but he just had to get his chance. got his chance and he ran witness. >> all these reasons as to why i couldn't be a good quarterback not okay he does these things well he can be a play maker. something i think about every day. people say somebody is better than me my goal is to good out and proof them wrong. >> feel leak you are betraying your team but so exited because i think everyone has the model of family first. >>reporter: back to than rowers. he comes to candlestick tomorrow with a chip on his shoulder. if you remember the niners passed him over in the first round of the 2005 draft when they chose smith. rogers has never forgotten that long day. then the week one loss to san
9:59 pm
francisco at lambeaux then the fail mary game. combination of these things allow the 49 investigators finish half game better than green bay that's why they will host tomorrow. also the stick. outside pre-season game this will be aaron rogers first appearance there with something on the line. >> it's fichbility went to if you pwebl games there growing up. saw game there when i was in college. it's stadium with a lot of tradition but it will be a night game. loud. grit environment. shawb good show for the fans. >>reporter: nfl put out the 15 timeist for the pro football hall of fame today. first time nominee former raider warren sap and former frooner larry allen. sap played final 4 seasons with the raiders 7 time all pro 96 and a half career sack. allen one of the strongest ever to play in the national football league most of the career with dallas finished up with the niners. former raider brown and former niner

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